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The Story of the Green Heron

"This is the story of how the Green Heron inspired our logo. One early spring day, a Green Heron landed on the edge of the pond at my home. Its plumage was striking. Its focus riveting. The Green Heron crouched on the pond's edge determined to accomplish its mission with its daggerlike bill. His focus and determination was palpable. In time, he accomplished his goal and then he took flight. 

I was so interested to learn more about this amazing bird that l started to do some research. This magnificent creature is one of the few birds in the world that actually uses tools. 

It struck me then that the Green Heron's focus and determination reminded me of those individuals I have had the distinct privilege to coach. I believe that a relentless focus and unwavering perseverance combined with the successful use of tools are the key to achieving one's goals and dreams. I have been honored to be a part of their journey and to watch them take flight and soar."


- Lourdes Marcet

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