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Developing Leadership

Coaching Services

Marcet & Co. helps to create a customized coaching plan for the individual and his or her organization.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is unique for each leader. It is a pragmatic process that builds a leader’s capability to achieve short- and long-term organizational goals. We will set goals accordingly and establish check points to measure and ensure progress. The executive coaching process is both a structured and a fluid way of achieving sustainable results. The goal of the coaching process is to align executives to the vision and future of the organization. It is also designed to support them in the execution of key strategies and tactics to move these initiatives forward and to help them manage change and transform culture.

Professional Coaching

One-on-one coaching challenges professionals to take a close look at their professional lives and make positive changes in order to become more effective and successful in the workplace. Whether it is to improve job performance, advance in a career, or build the confidence needed to enhance your interpersonal skills, we work closely with clients to set attainable objectives with tangible and clearly defined goals. The primary focus of the coaching process is to uncover new potential through a thoughtful and guided discovery process and then apply these findings to personal growth and professional advancement.

Personal Coaching

A personal coach motivates, educates, and inspires people to achieve a higher level of success, professionally, and personally. A personal coach is a partner, sounding board and reflective lens to help individuals define their idea of success and then realize that success in a world of rapid change and competing priorities. For students, professionals, and executives who want assistance in attaining an important personal goal – whether it is a promotion, a significant career change, or a milestone in education – personal coaching services provide the strategies and roadmap for success.

Leadership Coaching

Our leadership programs help you and/or your team to develop a more effective and natural leadership style. We focus on improving communication skills, expediting priority setting, and time management, developing conflict management skills, and attaining the elusive work/life balance. We can also work with you to enhance presentation and networking skills, strengthen self-confidence and assertiveness, and help you learn how to manage upwards.

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